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Ielts Exam Preparation

At VIS, we are committed to provide a well-rounded experience to the student ensuring a successful conversion at the end of their study abroad journey. As a part of this journey, we also help the students with their IELTS exam preparation. With an expert IELTS trainer on board, one is bound to receive expert guidance through various challenges faced while preparing for the IELTS exam. With customized study plans, enriching practice material, mock tests, and regular support, our students are provided with all measures to excel in the exam. So, choose VIS today and maximize your IELTS scores with our expert IELTS trainer!

Visa and Documentation Support

It is quite understandable that a very significant part of a student’s study abroad journey is the Visa and documentation process that takes place. Our support team at VIS takes the matter in their own hands and assists you with everything. We will help you with organizing and preparing all documents that are needed in the Visa documentation process. Moreover, we will also help you fill out all application forms, schedule visa appointments, and prepare you for interviews, as and when required. With VIS on your side, you will not have to worry about anything from financial guidance, communication with relevant authorities, or pre-departure orientation. 

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Virtual Events

The dedicated team at VIS is also actively involved in scheduling virtual events to help answer varied queries that students might have about studying abroad. From academic fairs to webinars with experts, these virtual events are a rich source of information for all those who aspire to study abroad. This comes as an additional service that VIS provides to students who decide to choose us as their study abroad assistant. Get in touch with us today to get an update of all these virtual events whenever they take place. 

Job Search Assistance

Most students prefer to work part-time after they arrive at their study abroad destination. It is important to help them manage their daily expenses and pay for school as well. We understand the importance of it and hence provide job-search assistance to the student. With us as your study abroad assistant, you can utilize our collaboration with multiple job providers abroad who actively seek part-time employees. No student hence has to look for jobs upon their arrival as long as they place their trust in us at VIS! 


Loan Assistance Solutions

No need to go through long lists of eligibility criteria and documentation processes for loans now when you seek financial support from banks. At VIS, we have got it all covered for you. We not only provide relevant information about various educational loans available, but also assist you through the process. So, a student can now sit back and let VIS take care of the financial planning, loan repayment strategies, and even scholarships or grant information. This way, VIS can be your partner through all phases of the study abroad journey. 

Interview Preparation

Interviews for loans, Visa, and colleges play an important role in dictating the result of your study abroad journey. For someone applying for the first time, it can be a nerve-wracking situation to not only build the confidence to face panels, but also collect information on the questions that might be asked. VIS is here to make it easier for all such students. With our expert trainers onboard, you are prepared for all interviews carefully. By conducting mock interviews, these trainers will help improve your body language, responses, etiquette, and more so you exude confidence in front of the interviewer. With personalized coaching sessions, the experts will also address your strengths and weaknesses, while designing tailored strategies as per your goals and accomplishments. This way, you can excel in the interview to soon receive a positive result for your study abroad journey.


Accommodation and Logistics Assistance

As part of our consistent support until you settle abroad, we also help students with accommodation and logistics upon their arrival. With our pre-arrival assistance, we help arrange temporary accommodation in the foreign land until you secure a long-term accommodation. We also provide local area orientation, where we familiarize the student with the locality, including food, transportation, medical, and other services provided in the area. Additionally, logistics is also a part of our services where we arrange for the airport transportation, travel from the airport to the accommodation, and guidance on the local transportation. We provide all these services to ensure a comfortable environment upon one’s arrival in an unknown land.