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About us

Vishram International Services

Welcome to Vishram International Services! We are a sanctuary of endless possibilities and transformation. Nestled at the heart of your dreams, we stand as a provider of consulting and visa services, dedicated to illuminating the path to international greatness.

Our firm takes pride in its decades of experience and unwavering commitment. We have carefully woven an exquisite array of services that encompass students, universities, sponsors, employees, and companies. For passionate students looking to explore new academic horizons in foreign lands, we offer personalized guidance and visa services that pave the way for their educational goals abroad. Universities and educational institutions also find in us a trusted partner to streamline the admission process for international students, contributing to the diversification and enrichment of their campuses.

For sponsors and employers seeking to attract foreign talent, we provide comprehensive visa and consulting solutions that simplify international human resource management. Our expertise in corporate immigration ensures that companies have access to a diverse and highly qualified global talent pool.

Vishram International Services is your beacon of trust in the consulting and visa services landscape. We invite you to explore our website and discover how we can help you take the next step in your pursuit of international opportunities. Together, we can achieve global greatness.

Our Mission

Our mission at Vishram International Services is to create enchanting pathways to success, where dreams take flight and imaginations ignite. We strive to be the trusted guardians of aspirations, guiding and supporting students, professionals, and companies on their extraordinary odyssey toward higher education, cultural exchange, internships, and global careers.

Our Vision

At Vishram International Services, our vision is to weave dreams into reality, transforming lives through boundless opportunities for exploration and growth. We envision a world where borders dissolve, and aspirations soar high, as we become the premier catalyst in empowering individuals and organizations to embrace the magic of international experiences.

Meet our Founders!

Mr. Magnesh Patel

President/CEO – Vishram Group Of Companies

Magnesh is a visionary leader who has dedicated his career to making a positive impact on the lives of Indian students. With a strong background in science and two decades of diverse industry experience, he founded the Vishram Group of Companies in Dothan, Alabama in 2015. Magnesh recognized the challenges faced by Indian students when pursuing their studies abroad, and he expanded the company’s portfolio to include comprehensive international recruitment services.

Driven by his unwavering passion for growth and development, Magnesh is committed to supporting his team and fostering a culture of continuous learning within the organization. His adventurous spirit and love for exploring different cuisines and traveling to new places reflect his open-mindedness and willingness to embrace new experiences.

Mrs. Prapti Patel

CFO – Vishram Group

Prapti embarked on her own journey as a student in the USA after completing her Master’s in Computer Science from Troy University, Alabama. She initially joined Vishram as an intern and quickly demonstrated her consistency and eagerness to learn about the business. Today, as the CFO, Prapti plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the entire Vishram portfolio, making invaluable contributions to operations and brand development.

Prapti’s personal experience as an international student gives her a unique perspective and deep empathy for the challenges faced by students seeking educational opportunities abroad. Her commitment to excellence and her meticulous approach to financial management is instrumental in driving the growth and sustainability of Vishram International Services.

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