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Welcome to the USA educational and Cultural Exchange Program – an extraordinary opportunity for Indian students to broaden their horizons and explore the world beyond textbooks.

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About Vishram International Services (VIS)

VIS is a subsidiary of Vishram Management Group.
VMG owns and operates businesses in, Resturents,
Retail , Real Estate and international services including
student recruitment and Cultural Exchange Programs.

With its team of experts based in the Us, and South
Asia, & Latin America we intend to provide the best

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VIS study abroad

Numbers of Participants

40 Seats Only

VIS study abroad

Coordinate Support

Industry Experts are there to support through out the journey.


Students in 8th to 12th grade.

Tour Key Highlights

Traditional Hindu mandir, or place of worship in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Swaminarayan Mandir


Hershey's Chocolate


The White


Cities To Explore

New York


New Jersey

Tour Itinerary

Cities To Explore

City Immersion:

Engage in educational sessions and fun learning activities, and explore local landmarks and hidden gems.

Departure to Robbinsville:


Visit to Robbinsville for an authentic cultural experience.

Tailored Adventures:


Personalize your tour with visits topreferred attractions like the White House, Hershey’s Chocolate World, etc

Loccal and Nearby Attractions


Connect Spiritually and inmerse yourself in the charm of Robbinsville and its surroing wonders.

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Why Choose Vishram International Services For Your Education & Cultural Tour?

Expand Your Horizons

Gain a global perspective that goes beyound textsbooks.

Build Lifelong Conecctions

 Forge Friendships with like-minded students on this unforgettable journey.

Enhance Your Learning

 Stand out with unique experiences that set you apart in the academic and professional world
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